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The Ever-Changing Travel Plan, Pt. 2


One of the many reasons I love my husband is because he lets me make all sorts of crazy travel plans for us, though I suspect it’s because he knows I will eventually come to my senses and will come up with more sensible plans in the end. And yes, as the title suggests, I’ve changed my mind a little about where we’re going on our much anticipated trip to Europe next year.

After doing a lot of research on Iceland, I’ve found that there are so many things I would like to see in Iceland. Spending two or three days in Iceland just wouldn’t cut it, so we’ve agreed that we want to spend a whole week in Iceland just to explore its beautiful south coast. That’s the whole week that in the original plan was going to be spent in Scotland. And speaking of Scotland, we’re planning on not going to Scotland at all because, well, Iceland would break the bank enough, luckily we got some bad credit so we could afford it more or less. Everything is expensive in Iceland!

The other week of our Euro vacation shall be spent in Paris, France. It may sound crazy but Paris seems cheap compared to Iceland or Scotland. You could rent a decent, fully-furnished apartment in Paris for under $600 per week, and there would be no need to rent a car. Granted you could do the same in Reykjavik, Iceland, but we’re not planning on staying in Reykjavik the entire week. Outside Reykjavik, accommodations are crazy expensive, especially since we’re rather picky about where we lay our heads. Food is also expensive but I guess we could live on pizza, which seems to be the cheap food option in Iceland. And of course we’ll need to rent a car to do the exploring. Long story short, if we have to splurge, we’ll splurge in Iceland. Good thing we hate shopping.

So, current plan: one week in Paris, France and one week exploring the south coast of Iceland. And maybe a little bit of the west coast. If it changed again, I’ll let you know. :)

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