The Ghost of Me

Last weekend my brother called me from Indonesia and he sounded really worried. He asked me repeatedly if I was all right (as if once was not enough) before he hung up, which kind of annoyed me because it was early in the morning and I was still half asleep.
This morning I called my brother and learned that the reason he sounded so worried was because there had been sightings of my ghost in my bedroom, sitting in front of the computer or standing in front of the mirror. Crazy, eh? I’m not even dead yet! But it was enough to make my family think I was already dead. Doh! If I were dead, Troy would’ve let them know.
Anyway, I hope my call was enough to drive the ghost away from my room and that my family wouldn’t think I was calling from the afterlife.

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  1. Hi, it was probably your spirit traveling (astral) while you were sleeping. Have you ever read anything from “Sylvia Browne”? Very interesting and informative.

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