The Little Chocolate Bar Boy

Friday night was cold. The temperature was below freezing, no doubt about it. As we were approaching the entrance of a bookstore, a boy came to us and asked if we’d like to buy some chocolate bars from him for a charity. At first Troy said he’d buy some when we were leaving, but after seeing how cold the boy looked, he changed his mind and bought two chocolate bars from him right then.

“I hope you’ll be able to come home soon.” Troy said. The boy’s reply made me feel so sad. “Not until I sold sixty,” he quietly muttered. I swear, had I had money to spare, I would’ve bought all his chocolate bars just so that he could go home because, really, it was so freaking cold that night! I still think about that boy even now. I hope he’s somewhere warm right now.

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  1. I knew you would buy one because you always did and you couldn’t say no to chocolate. πŸ˜› But still, he was just a boy and he looked cold.

  2. And I wasn’t just saying that I would buy a chocolate bar on the way out, I would have bought one. I changed my mind since I wasn’t sure if he would be there when we left.
    I’m sure he is fine. He was wearing a heavy expensive likely down filled coat.

  3. omg, chocolate, yes please… i can never say no to chocolate, esp with the added value of charity πŸ˜‰
    how cold is it in canada right now, fir? i’m moving to milan next week, hopefully it is warmer (or, sunnier)…

  4. These days the temperatures range from -2 to -12°C. It’s a lot of fun. NOT!
    I’m sure Milan would be warmer than the Netherlands. It would be warmer than Canada for sure! πŸ™‚ Good luck with your study!

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