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The Log Driver’s Waltz

Before we met in person, my now husband then online buddy used to send me mix CDs called the Quack-o-Matic Mix (say “yeah!” if you still remember the Quack-o-Matic “chatroom” from way back when). I think there were 3 or 4 volumes of it. The Log Driver’s Waltz song was actually in one of the CDs and it was one of my favourite songs from the CD.

Just like the last two cartoons I posted over the last couple of days, this one is a quintessentially Canadian cartoon as well. I didn’t get to see the cartoon until I got to Canada because YouTube didn’t exist until 2005 and the National Film Board of Canada didn’t start putting the videos online until 2009.

I think The Cat Came Back, Blackfly, and The Log Driver’s Waltz might just be the trifecta of quintessentially Canadian cartoons. Of all the three cartoons, The Log Driver’s Waltz is my favourite. I love everything about it. Either watching the cartoon or just listening to the song never fails to put me in a good spirit.

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