The Long Overdue Update


Troy kept bugging me to update so here’s an update. Hrm. Where to start? Oh look, there’s actually some snow on the ground! We walked to the dollar store down the road after supper and it was quite pleasant. It wasn’t super cold even though it was already dark but it wasn’t warm enough for the snow to melt. It was what I’d call the perfect winter temperature. Though I wouldn’t mind a -30°C temperature since it would be cold enough to freeze the lakes and that would make for some interesting photo ops. Heh.

This past weekend was pretty fun. On Saturday we went to thrift stores (as usual), came home, and then our friend Joe came and the three of us went to our local independent cinema to see a selection of commercials from the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival (yes, we actually paid to see commercials — strange but true). It was entertaining. Some of the commercials (mostly sports-related ones) were boring, some were racy, but in general they were pretty funny. This English language school commercial has got to be my favourite. We went for dinner afterwards and then went back to our place to play a game of Settlers of Catan before Joe left.

We didn’t do much on Sunday. Took a detour a little outside town on our way to the grocery store because I wanted to take panorama pictures of a snow-covered farm land with my plastic camera. Then we did the grocery shopping, had supper, and went to the independent cinema (again!) to see a documentary film called Manufactured Landscapes. The film follows a Canadian photographer, Edward Burtynsky, as he travels across China to photograph the effects of the industrial revolution. It was interesting and just a tad bit depressing.

Let’s see, what else? Um, remember our plan to get a Nintendo Wii as a Valentine’s Day present to ourselves? Well, even if we couldn’t get hold of one, we’ll still be able to at least play some Wii games at our place for a little while since we’ve signed up to be part of the Photojunkie’s GTA Wii Tour. Of course we (the tour crew, Troy and I) are going to go picture-taking together as well because it is going to be a special stop after all (we don’t really live in the Greater Toronto Area/GTA). Troy and I are pretty excited about that.

Troy is in the mood for cleaning right now. It’s awesome! He’s so much better at cleaning than me. And it’s already past our bedtime so I guess I should get ready for bed. Ta-ta for now!

4 thoughts on “The Long Overdue Update

  1. Hmm, I’ll have to think about that. There aren’t too many interesting places to photograph in Waterloo, unfortunately, except for the Seagram buildings, the Perimeter Institute, and maybe the Abraham Erb Grist Mill. We could always drive out to the countryside. The snow-covered landscape can look beautiful at times. That is if we still have snow by then. :) You’ll never know with the weather these days…

  2. (yes, we actually paid to see commercials — strange but true)
    iya, lutu ya. bayarnya mahal gak?
    di sana banyak festival2 unik ya, bek?

  3. (yes, we actually paid to see commercials — strange but true)
    iya, lutu ya. bayarnya mahal gak?
    di sana banyak festival2 unik ya, bek?

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