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The Obligatory Blog Redesign Post

Weblog Wannabe - Redefining Random 2012-01-28 12-11-44

I know, the last design was only, like, two posts away, but I felt ready for some colour this grey albeit mild winter but was too lazy to come up with a new design from scratch. I checked out collections after collections of free WordPress themes but they all seemed to have this “slap a gigantic image on top and put a slider on it” attitude that I detest. Solution? Spend money on a premium theme that I really like! I didn’t even spend that much money. I didn’t buy from one of those design studios that offer a lot of themes with a premium subscription fee. I’m allergic enough to commitment not to want to subscribe to anything willingly. Sorry, web design studios, I just want to pay for one theme that I like without having to subscribe because I might not want another design from you ever again.

So yeah, I paid for a theme I came across that I really liked and had all the features I wanted, especially the ability to post multiple format entries a la Tumblr. The only thing I didn’t like about the theme out of the box was the colour scheme, but it was easy to change. One child theme and a few lines of CSS later, I got it to look just the way I want it. I’m still not sure about the header image that I made with a graphic from a CD that comes with an art deco book I bought last month from a reduced price bookstore in St. Catharines, but I’m sure it’ll grow on me. If not, all I have to do is come up with another one that I like better and slap it on. Easy peasy.

Resources I found useful this n-th blog redesign (don’t really remember how many times I’ve redesigned this blog in the last 12 years):

My god, this post is so boring I’m falling asleep writing it. Next post shall be more interesting, promise!

PS. Please send me a haiku?

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