The Piano Player

The Piano Player
(The Piano Player, originally uploaded by firda.)

This is my entry for this week’s Illustration Friday: Jazz (click to enlarge). I’ve never been good at drawing living creatures, or anything for that matter, and that’s my excuse for the piano player not looking very proportional. I just hope that he looks jazzy enough. And man, do I miss playing piano. My parents bought me a piano when I was in Grade 3. I took piano lessons for 7 years. I think I was the piano teacher’s least favourite pupil. I didn’t have a very good hand-eye coordination. Still don’t. But I liked to play. Anyway, my father sold my piano last year. He didn’t even ask me if it was okay. It was a sad day.

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  1. I love this illustration. I think you are excellent at this craft (and sorry to hear the sad departure of your piano!).

  2. Hi Firda, I’ve been enjoying your site for awhile now and found your page on the transparent template very useful! Just wanted to let you know that and that I’ve signed up for a subscription to Illustration Friday and plan to participate at least some of the time. (Watch for entries by Wildcat…those’ll be mine.) Bye for now.

  3. I like the colours and the composition, lively and mellow together. Makes me think of Ruben Gonzalez and the Buena Vista Social Club. The picture keeps drawing me back – a good sign!

  4. Nice. The silhouette gives it a nice quality. Incidently I was one of those piano lesson dropouts too! A couple yrs ago I saved up and got a digital piano that sounds and feels as good as the real thing. I still don’t practice nearly enough… but I love to play.

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