The Pop Shoppe!

The Pop Shoppe!
(The Pop Shoppe!, originally uploaded by firda.)

So we went to a Hasty Market to get The Pop Shoppe last night. Of course we took the long way, making stops at the bank, Future Shop, Office Depot, and Zellers. We picked up three rolls of film for my pinhole camera at Zellers for $8, which we thought was cheap, until we came to Canadian Tire and saw that they sold five rolls of film for $10. Ack!

When we got to the Hasty Market, I was worried they’d run out of The Pop Shoppe already so I was glad to see that they still had plenty of them. I picked up The Pop Shoppe Root Beer because I’m a big fan of root beer, but sadly, I can’t really call it my favourite. I like it better than Barq’s, but less than I like A&W and MUG root beer. Troy picked up his childhood favourite, The Pop Shoppe Cream Soda. I think it’s really good and according to Troy, it still tastes the same as it was ages ago.

Anyway, I didn’t grow up in Canada or the States so I have no childhood memories of The Pop Shoppe. But if you do, feel free to share in the comment. I’d love to hear it.

2 thoughts on “The Pop Shoppe!

  1. I remember my mom buying Pop Shoppe drinks, several cases at a time. We loved them as kids! (I’m pretty much strictly Pepsi now). But I totally agree with you about the root beer. A&W or Mug’s are definitely my two choices if I get a yearning for root beer.

  2. Interesting, the Pop Shoppe website. I didn’t know that they had folded and resurrected. For me (oldster that I am) it’s a teenage, not a childhood memory. I remember the Pop Shoppe outlet on Lodge St. near Weber, I think it was. But we weren’t big pop drinkers so I never set foot in there.
    There were a few years that the raspberry harvest from the back yard was abundant enough that my mother canned raspberry juice. Those years, a mixture of half raspberry juice, half Canada Dry ginger ale was a treat on a warm Indian summer evening. But we bought the ginger ale at Zehrs.

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