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The Story of a Quilt

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I have this ability to make up a sad background story for just about anything. The latest one is about this bag of vintage quilt materials, mostly already cut into a bunch of equilateral triangles, that I picked up from a thrift store this past Saturday.

Once upon a time, there was a grandma who liked to spend her lonely time cutting various fabric into equilateral triangles to be sewn together into quilts. But then she died and her family who didn’t care much about quilts sent her belongings, including her quilt materials, to a Salvation Army that later priced her hard work a hefty 99 cents. She must’ve spent hours of her precious time cutting all those materials and yet it only worth 99 cents! Actually, it was more like 50 cents (it was a half-price day for green tag items). I thought it was so depressing that I have made it a project to make a pretty quilt throw out of it, just to make myself feel better.

Anyway, I’ve been looking at free quilt patterns since and apparently there aren’t too many patterns that use equilateral triangles. In fact, I didn’t find any patterns I could use at all. I only found some pictures of what people did with them. The Millennium Pyramid Quilt and this zigzag one are especially interesting. But damn if they don’t look like a lot of work. The former is more so than the latter so maybe I’ll try to make a highly simplified version of the latter. I’m sure it would make the unknown, potentially dead grandma of my story proud of me.

5 thoughts on “The Story of a Quilt

  1. Sew sets of two triangles together to make squares – there are *tons* of quilt patterns you can make using squares :)
    My sister’s baby is due in May… I have to get going on my niece’s quilt soon!

  2. It doesn’t work that way with equilateral triangles. Two of them makes a diamond, not a square. Would be so much easier if they were half-square triangles.
    Good luck with the quilting!

  3. you really know how to keep yourself busy, and good at it, too
    I wish I could have a little more patience, at least towards my toddler lol

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