The Toronto Turkey Treat

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I really don’t understand Flickr sometimes. The picture above I almost didn’t upload because I thought it was kind of boring but it ended up being the most popular shot of the batch. Pictures that I really, really like, on the other hand, never got much loving from the Flickr community. Go figure.

So, the weekend. Um, what did we do? It feels like a long time ago. I’m going to have to scrape up my memory first. Mind you, I have a really crappy short-term memory. So crappy that sometimes I go to the kitchen to pick up something and when I’m in the kitchen, which is only like three footsteps away, I’ve already forgotten what I’m supposed to pick up.

Okay. The weekend. Weekend starts Friday night, right? Well, we got tonnes of snow on Friday so we didn’t really do much Friday night. We did make it to a thrift store and then to a nearby game store (J&J Cards and Collectibles on Weber Street, if you live in Waterloo, is the best place to buy board games — lowest price ever!) to buy Blokus Duo before getting ourselves some ice cream. Yes, we actually had ice cream after a heavy snowfall. Who said you’re not supposed to have ice cream when the temperature is below freezing? And we got the ice cream from McDonald’s no less. So bad. Spent the rest of the night playing Blokus Duo. Well, at least until Troy got tired of winning and decided to play a video game instead, with the help of a OW boost service online.

Saturday, after winning a camera and a lens on eBay, Troy and I and our friend Joe headed out to Toronto for a turkey dinner at SMooSH and Loba‘s. I thought I liked big cities but now I realised that I don’t really. At least I can’t say that I’m a big fan of Toronto. First of all, the highway signings in Toronto are not very visitor-friendly. If you’re not a Toronto resident, you’re just bound to miss your exits. In addition, some intersections have no street signs and sometimes you just have no idea where the hell you are. Troy always gets pissed while driving in and around Toronto and I don’t blame him, though his pissiness (is that a word?) always rubs off on me and that’s not very cool. But the drive to Toronto this time was totally worth it. The food, especially the turkey, was so good. Like, very, very good. And the hosts and the other guests were entertaining. We even got to bring home some turkey leftover, so it’s turkey fried rice for me for lunch and deep-fried turkey soup with vermicelli for us for supper today. Yum!

The drive back to Waterloo was a lot less eventful, though at some point the highway got kind of foggy and I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me because all the lights looked like vertical lines. Had to ask the guys if they were seeing the same just to make sure. Wish I had taken a picture of it. Once we got to Waterloo, the three of us played a game of Settlers of Catan and Troy wasn’t too happy about the fact that my trading with Joe led to Joe’s winning. What can I say. I was tired and sleepy and I just wanted to go to bed.

I was tired and sleepy all through Sunday. I think both of us were. But we still made it to a couple of thrift stores, a discount book store, and a Vietnamese restaurant in Cambridge. Troy picked up a Sega Master System from one of the thrift stores. It’s pretty ugly compared to, say, a Nintendo Wii. We went to a Walmart and a Toys R Us in Kitchener yesterday to see if they had any Wii left, but alas, no such luck. Someday we will be lucky enough to get one. Someday.

By the way, Troy has a question about gas stations in the States. Would any American readers be kind enough to enlighten him? Troy went to Michigan last Thursday. I was hoping he’d be able to pick up some Polaroid 600 film from a Ritz Camera store because it cost around $10 less than it was here in Canada but the Ritz Camera he went to had no Polaroid 600 film at all. Boo! I was a sad llama, but not for very long.

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  1. So glad you folks could join us, it was a lot of fun preparing the dinner for you all.
    It’s a lot of work, but I get a lot of satisfaction from seeing people enjoy my labours. :)
    Hope we can do it again for you all!

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