This and That

Thursday Night Limerick

Alex Trebek from Sudbury
Hosts Jeopardy! without fury
Contestants come and go
Some happy, some with woe
Alex hosts, but he’s no jury.

Jeopardy! is the only game show that we watch somewhat religiously for the same reason many other Jeopardy! fans do: we enjoy trivia and we like to test our general knowledge against the contestants. Not being raised in North America, I’m not as good as my born-and-bred Canadian husband at answering the questions (or rather, asking the questions) but every now and then I surprise myself, and my husband, by coming up with the correct answer to a seemingly tough question. Still, I’m definitely no Jeopardy! contestant material.

In other TV-related news, I’m kind of excited about the upcoming Fargo TV series. I loved the movie and I can totally see it as a dark comedy-type TV show. Plus, Martin Freeman is in it. I love him in Sherlock, though not so much in the Hobbit movies. Not so crazy about Billy Bob Thornton but I think I can handle having him in the show if it’s any good. The series will premiere on April 15. Not too long now!

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