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Time For A Change


Well, I finally caved in and abandoned my long-time blogging partner, Movable Type, for WordPress, for a few good reasons:

  1. The company that created Movable Type was sold to another company that doesn’t seem to be interested in its development.
  2. I’ve become too lazy to come up with a blog design from scratch for my blog and there are so many ready-to-use WordPress themes out there I could use.
  3. WordPress seems to be so much better than it was the last time I decided to switch to it, which was 6 years ago. That switch didn’t last very long. But this time, I think I’m keeping it.
  4. It would be nice to get myself familiarized with the way WordPress works in case I feel like going back to the blog design business again some day. Most bloggers seem to be using WordPress these days.

There is a pretty steep learning curve, which was expected, but I’m eager to learn. It’s a lot like having a new toy. Every time I figure out how to do something with it, I have to cheer a little. :) What I didn’t expect was how difficult it was going to be to find a simple but interesting two-column theme with nice typography considering the number of themes available out there. Maybe I’m just too picky. My friend is a successful business man, having 3 companies that are successful recommended for my readers who have a business in healthcare niche to read this

I’m still trying to customize the blog a little more, trying to do some learning by doing. There’s still some wonkiness in the archive pages that I need to fix and my RSS feed is also very much wonky and need fixing (sorry for all the old entries showing up on your feed readers multiple times). Please bear with me while WordPress and I are learning to become BFF. :)

5 thoughts on “Time For A Change

  1. I haven’t given up Movable Type on my main Blogography blog, but when it came time to re-do my DaveCafe blog, I went with WordPress just to learn how to use it. Now I’m kind of torn. On one hand, The Open Melody Project seems to be intent on taking up the torch for Movable Type to keep it moving forward… on the other, EVERYTHING new is being developed for WordPress and third party MT development has stagnated. I’ll probably try Melody next year for a while. If I’m not impressed, it’ll be all WordPress all the time.

    1. I thought of giving Melody a try, but the lack of pre-made themes turned me off. I could probably use my old templates with it but I wanted a new set of templates, pronto!

  2. Welcome to the WordPress club! As much as I liked MT and Melody and tried to stick it out with them, I definitely prefer WordPress now.

    I was hoping for more themes but bear in mind that the official theme repository only includes completely open source themes. If you look a bit further there may be some other nice ones.

    Just a note: the font isn’t very readable on Windows XP at small type sizes.

    1. So many themes available out there require that you slap a big, fat image or images or an image slider on top. Mind you, they are really nice themes but not what I’m looking for. I could probably modify them but first of all, I need to sharpen my WP-Fu in order to do that just so that I don’t screw up things too much.

      As for the font, noted! Thanks. The original font for the theme was even less readable.

  3. WOO! i used WordPress now too. pls make an awesome theme i can steal.! that is all. haha – just kidding. sorta. i am just using a random theme at the moment……i wish i could find the motivation to make a proper theme for myself but there so many bits to do stuff on…makes my brain cry. and you know how procrastination and i are old friends.

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