Time Machine


I got a roll of film developed today. I started shooting this roll two years ago and I had been carrying the camera to so many places that when I got the negatives, I had no idea where most of the shots were taken. Now that I’ve scanned a few frames, I know that some come from a fall fair we went to in 2007 and some more from our trip to Winnipeg in February 2008. There are still more to discover.

Scanning this roll of negatives is kind of like going on a time machine and it’s exciting because I have totally forgotten taking some of the shots and the reason why I found something so interesting that I had to capture it on film. It’s too bad that I didn’t start scanning earlier. I really want to check out every single frame, but alas, it’s bedtime already.

Haven’t seen anything interesting on my Facebook homepage lately so I’ll just leave you with a link to fontcapture where you can make a font out of your handwriting for free! It kept me amused for a fraction of the day. It’s sad that I’ve kind of forgotten how to write with my hand. My handwriting doesn’t look like the handwriting I remember anymore. Damn you, Internet!

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  1. this picture makes me sad… I don’t know, reminds me of my unhappy childhood? Actually, I was happy as a child, before my mother turned herself into religious freak in the 80s

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