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I’m supposed to be flying back to Canada on Friday next week but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. Well, I will fly back to Canada this month but probably not next Friday because I still have so many things to do prior to my departure. Anyway, knowing what a huge procrastinator I am, I’ve decided to make a to-do list and post it online so that the world would know when I’m slacking (not that the world cares, mind you).

So here goes the list (in no particular order, except for the ticket-related stuff):
1. Book the tickets (booked for Saturday the 16th because there’s no available seat for Friday the 15th);
2. Pay for the said tickets (got the ticket in hand, woohoo!);
3. Buy some thick sweaters (not really thick, can’t find thick ones in crazy hot Indonesia);
4. Pick up some crazy Indonesian stuff for the boy;
5. Get a haircut (because First Choice Haircutters scare me);
6. Stock up on deodorants (because I’m allergic to Secret and I don’t want to waste my money trying out other brands) (didn’t really stock up, just bought one that doesn’t give me a rash);
7. Buy a bag of durian candies (because the boy is curious about durian’s allegedly nasty smell);
8. Exchange my rupiahs for Canadian dollars (could only find myself 120 CDN since CDN is a rarity here; the rest has to be in USD);
9. Master the art of packing;
10. Start packing (and actually finished it two hours before I was supposed to leave home for the airport — yay!).
Speaking of packing, I hate packing just as much as I hate unpacking. I think the reason I hate packing is because I know that I will have to unpack when I get to the other end. Though living off a suitcase is a big pain in the butt as well. I still haven’t unpacked from my last trip because, really, what’s the point? I’m going to have to pack again soon! So I’m lazy. Just sue me. You won’t get much.
(I’m still trying to convince myself that a 27-hour flight is not really as bad as it sounds.)

7 thoughts on “To-Do List

  1. The idea of durian candy is a very strange one. I know many people love durian, but it does smell pretty bad, at least in my opinion. One day I’ll have to give it another try.
    Have a good flight.

  2. is it me, or am i the only one who thinks durians doesn’t stink as much as people claim? tastes like heaven.

  3. On long flights bring a bottle of water to spray your face and hands with and moisturizer, so you don’t feel dried out and really tight skinned and so tired looking when you get off the plane (of course drink tonnes of water too). For quick packing-roll your clothes, it also helps prevent excessive wrinkling.

  4. Hey, looks like you have become a jet-setter. Good for you. Opens up your mind and eyes. 27 hours of flying? I cannot take anything more than 8. But do it if it makes you happy. And I know you are. This is the most important point.

  5. I know you hate packing. That is why I did most of your packing when you left Canada last month. That plus I knew it would be a really hard thing for you to do (it was pretty tough for me as well but it kept me busy).
    And Laura’s comments are very good.
    Plus we can find you a nice deodorant for you. I know the Body Shop sells a scentless non-allergenic deodorant. That might work. We don’t want the rash to come back (or do we?) :)

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