To Pull a Firda

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pull a Firda Idiom

Move to another country for a boy.

Just something I learned this past weekend from a couple of friends. :) I’m seriously considering writing a how-to guide on it. Heh. Well, not really.
Have I told you how much I love turkey? My dear mother-in-law cooked us a turkey for Easter, knowing that I don’t eat ham. She cooks the best turkey in the world. I’ve had some in restaurants and other people’s places but the turkey just doesn’t taste as good. And I’m happy to say that we got to bring some leftover turkey home. That means that all the Indonesian food I’m going to cook this week will have turkey in it instead of chicken. Turkey makes everything taste so much better. I had some turkey fried rice for lunch yesterday and I was in a state of euphoria afterwards. Seriously. People really should start eating turkey instead of smoking dope. I think the world would be a better place that way. Except for the poor turkeys.

4 thoughts on “To Pull a Firda

  1. hi there, i agree with your turkey preference. definitely better than chicken, though i’d like to ask if there’s actually anything there that would stop people from eating turkey AND smoking dope?
    can’t we do both?

  2. i have to agree with you. i’ve been refraining myself from eating chicken lately and doing pretty well, but turkey. i feel guilty but they just taste too good!!

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