Today’s Browser Stats

Go Firefox! It’s good to know that the majority of my visitors see the design of this weblog the way I want them to see it.

Geeky readers might be interested in the bottom 4 browsers, so here goes: Netscape 7.x (1.0%), [older version of] Mozilla Firefox (0.3%), Opera 7.x (0.3%), and Netscape 4.x (0.3%).

As you may have noticed, I did a little spring cleaning around the site this morning and the most noticeable addition should be the comment link under each entry. Now there’s no more reason for you not to comment! :)

4 thoughts on “Today’s Browser Stats

  1. I’ve actually been juggling between IE and Firefox and in fact seen more people browse with IE. But, since you show me a new fact on your site stat, I may delete the IE shortcut and keep the Firefox from my Win taskbar . Thanks for the new fact.

  2. I mostly use Firefox, but I also use Mozilla and Opera, now Opera 8.0. Once in a rare while I will use Internet Explorer, but not too often. There are some websites that won’t work with anything else. Also, my company’s website won’t work in Firefox, Netscape, or Mozilla, but will work in Opera. Go figure.
    I am happy to see those figures, though. There is hope yet.

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