Too Much Love (Not Enough Hate)

Red Berries

Don’t you just love the title of this entry? It could’ve been a title of a crappy song from the 90s. But I’m referring the title to my blog entries. A friend recently asked me what I posted about in my blog. I told him that I posted about how much I hated people. But after checking my archives, I don’t really post too much about hating people. It’s just that people I hate aren’t really worth the bandwidth and the energy I’d have to spend writing the post.

Anyway, since I’m feeling kind of meh today, I think I’m going to concentrate on things that I love. Things like:

  • Being married. I love that “not looking” feeling.
  • Discovering good cover songs. Have you ever listened to Aimee Mann covering The Scientist by Coldplay? So good.
  • Seeing some obscure foreign movie in an independent cinema with only four other people and with us being the only people who laughed out loud during what might or might not be a tearjerker scene (we’re not sure but we thought it was funny). We did just that this past Saturday.
  • Finding out that I have at least a week’s worth of photos to post to the wee photoblog.
  • Cooking any Indonesian dish successfully. Did that one today.
  • Playing Wii Fitness and getting a Wii Fitness Age that is below my actual age.
  • Getting comments on my blog entries other than spam and crap comments like “WHO CARES?” that someone cared enough to post yesterday and which I happily deleted.
  • Thinking about our upcoming trip to Newfoundland. I might get to see a fjord!
  • The word “fjord“.
  • The awesomeness that is my extension tube set.
  • Checking out dogs that are available for adoption for free, even if we can’t have one yet. I’m so in love with this dog. Such a handsome dog.
  • Thinking about my future Indonesian restaurant or my future family photography business (parents and children only, no weddings). Yup, I finally know what I want to be when I grow up.
  • Chocolate, glorious chocolate!
  • You, because you read this entry until the end. You rock! 🙂
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  1. “Gwoemool” or “The Host” is a hard movie to get if you don’t understand Koreans. I think you are supposed to laugh at the crying scenes.

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