Tooth Fairy Was Here

Busker III

Nothing can make me feel more grown-up than sitting in a dentist’s office, waiting for Troy while the oral surgeon molested his mouth this past Friday. Mind you, they stated clearly that only a responsible adult may accompany a patient who is undergoing a surgery. I hope I did look the part.

I had two books, an apple, and a chocolate bar with me. I was expecting to spend hours there since I thought Troy wouldn’t be awake after the surgery. Surprise, surprise. Less than half an hour after Troy got called into the surgery room, I was told that he was all up and ready for me. He was still pretty drugged out, but awake. When we were walking from the drugstore to the apartment after picking up his prescription, I felt like I was walking a zombie.

Once we got home, Troy took a couple of hours of nap and when he woke up, he was his old self again. I don’t think he suffered too much from the surgery. The bleeding stopped quickly and there was hardly any swelling. And he certainly loved his Jello and mashed potatoes.

We spent this past weekend going to the Waterloo Busker Carnival, visiting thrift stores (of course), and an antique market. Sadly, we didn’t find any cool, old cameras. It was a pretty boring weekend and the traffic on Sunday was unusually slow.

Next weekend should be more interesting. We’re going up to the cottage, and I’m still trying to sell the idea of making the 6-hour trip from the cottage to Ottawa to Troy. It’s just that I’ve been living in Canada for two years but I still haven’t seen the nation’s capital. I find it kind of sad. Maybe if I attached a list of Ottawa thrift stores with my proposal, Troy would give it a go. We’ll see. ;)

6 thoughts on “Tooth Fairy Was Here

  1. But I bet you’ve never done the touristy thing. Let’s do the touristy thing!
    On second thought, you might have done the touristy thing with your parents but I don’t think you still remember it. We need to refresh your memory of Ottawa. ;)

  2. I’ve been to Quebec City, I’ve had St. Hubert chicken in Montreal, and I’ve been to a bunch of other places out East. I just haven’t been to Ottawa. :) Prince Edward County sounds interesting, though. Hmm…

  3. Heh heh. I’ve lived in this country for 30 years and I’ve only been to Ottawa 4 times. And two of those times was to go to a University party :)

  4. Ottawa is rather nice. I lived just across the river for 19 years, so I was there all the time.
    Quebec City, Montreal, Prince Edward County are also must-visits.

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