This and That

Tuesday Morning Haiku

Woke up this morning
To Bieber moving next door
Time to sell the house!

Some of you might know that my husband and I live in Justin Bieber’s Canadian hometown of Stratford, Ontario. We’d never had any encounters with him in our almost six years of living here, of which we were grateful.

Anyway, we woke up this morning to the sound of a crazy commotion happening next door. Looked like someone was moving in. But then my husband got to work and one of his co-workers told him that it was in fact the Biebs who was moving to the house next door. Shock! Horror! I guess our time of living quietly and peacefully in this town has come to an end. Bummer.

My fellow Canadians have disappointed me by taking Bieber back just to get the stupid Taco Bell breakfast in Canada. :-(

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