Upgraded and Uninspired


I thought upgrading my version of Movable Type to version 4 would inspire me to post more, but not really. Well, I was thinking of writing a post about how frustrating the upgrading process was yesterday, but that would be old news. Upgrading Movable Type has always been a pain in the butt ever since they got lazy with writing the documentation. I still have no idea on how to take advantage of all the new features. It makes me miss the good old days when MT came with a built-in documentation. Maybe I’ll eventually figure out how to use the new features, maybe not. Maybe I shouldn’t have upgraded in the first place because I’m a basic blogger and I don’t need all the bells and whistles. Hell, I never even bothered enabling the trackback feature. Let’s just say that I upgraded because I was bored. One thing for sure, upgrading made me feel pissy for the rest of the day. Poor Troy, having to deal with pissy Firda all night. Oh, in case anyone from Six Apart read this, I’ve noticed an increase in comment spam ever since I upgraded. Just so you know. At least the upgrade didn’t kill my poor, old weblog. And the new user interface sure is pretty!

Not only am I not feeling inspired enough to write a post, I’m also not feeling inspired enough to take pictures or to do just about anything. Yes, things are really that bad in the inspirational department. Troy had to bribe me with a $20 bill just to get me to bring the last roll of film I shot with the Holga to the photolab today, and the photolab is only less than 10 minutes away by foot. So I walked to the photolab, made a stop at Tim Horton’s to have lunch and then to the dollar store to pick up stuff, and when I got home, it was back to feeling uninspired. I usually find the dollar store pretty inspiring, what with all the tacky stuff it carries (Hallowe’en decorations are already out for sale, by the way), but not this time.

I think what I need is a new lens. You know what you should do? You should buy prints from me because they are pretty, are professionally printed, and you want to help me buy a new lens. :) I already lowered the price, by the way. If you see any of my work that you like that aren’t available at Imagekind and you’d like to buy the print directly from me, just let me know. I like having a reason to print my work. Mind you, we don’t really have much space to hang pictures in our apartment so I don’t get to print my work as much as I’d like to. Well, I’d better end this post here. I’ve got to get some prints ready for mailing!

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