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Argus 75 & Metro-Flex

Troy and I have been to many thrift stores, antique markets, and flea markets all over Southwestern Ontario in our search for vintage cameras that we can actually use to take photos, or those that just look cool enough to justify the fact that we can’t really take photos with them due to film unavailability. Most of the time, we are disgusted with the outrageous price. A lot of these cameras are so overly-priced it’s not even funny. Some sellers are even crazy enough to sell some broken, box cameras for more than $10 each when a working one only worths something between $1 and $10. I mean, what are they thinking?

Anyway, just when we were about to lose all hopes on ever getting reasonably-priced, vintage, working cameras, we came to the right place at the right time last weekend and got the cameras pictured above for 50 cents each from an antique market. They might have scratches here and there but we don’t really care, because they work. We have the film for the one on the left (Argus 75) but not for the one on the right (Metro-Flex). If anyone know of a place in Canada where we can buy 127 roll film, do let us know. We could buy 127 film from the States online, but we can’t really justify the shipping and custom fees.

Collecting vintage cameras is very addictive. We just can’t stop looking. I really don’t know where to store our recent acquisitions. We definitely need a bigger apartment. 🙂

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  1. Being a collector myself you hit the nail on the head about these plastic clickers.I don’t know where they get their prices from.It sad but Ebay is still the best sorce.I usally look in vintage lots ,like four or five cameres.I keep the good ones and throw the junk in the attic.A lot of people give old cameres when you get the word out that you collect old cameres.

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