Wanna Get Nominated?

Because I’m too lazy to surf around and I don’t read too many weblogs these days, if you want to have a chance to get your weblog nominated by me in this year’s Weblog Awards, please leave your weblog name and URL as well as the categories in which it can be nominated in the comment thingy. I’ll take a look at each one and those whom I think are worthy of a nomination will be nominated. Bribery will be happily accepted.

The usual suspects (you know who you are) need not apply because I’ll nominate your weblogs anyway even if some of you haven’t updated yours for ages and therefore don’t really deserve the nomination. I do love you that much. Mwah!

(I doubt anyone would want to submit their weblog for closer inspection because, really, who needs my nomination? But still it’s worth trying.)

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