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Tiger Swallowtail (Papilio glaucus) on Echinacea

The other night I watched the news on TV and heard about the battle against Eurasian watermilfoil that’s been going on in Puslinch Lake. Anyway, between 2006 and 2008, they released thousands of milfoil-eating weevils into the lake and apparently the weevils have been doing their job and the milfoil in the lake has dramatically decreased. But that’s not really the part that I find fascinating. What’s so fascinating is, they mentioned in the news that the weevil costs $1000 EACH! I thought I heard it wrong but Troy confirmed that that was what they said. Crazy, eh? $1000 for one, lousy, little weevil! Anyone want to start a weevil farm with me?

So what’s your plan for the weekend? We’re going to Waterloo tomorrow to see the new Harry Potter movie and maybe another movie at my favourite indie cinema. Just thinking about going to Waterloo always makes me feel giddy with anticipation. It’s Waterloo! It’s my first Canadian hometown! It’s where we got married! I guess my love affair with Waterloo is not over yet. Sorry, Stratford. I like you, but I love Waterloo.

There are so many movies I’d like to see at the indie cinema in Waterloo. I’d like to see Moon, Away We Go, Goodbye Solo, (500) Days of Summer, um, I guess that’s all for now. But there are always movies I’d like to see there. We used to have a membership card that allowed us to buy a ticket for only $7! It’s a pretty good deal. I miss living 15 minutes away from it.

Well, it’s almost tomorrow. I did search for links to post but didn’t really find anything worth sharing so this will have to do it. Have a good weekend and see you on Monday!

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  1. Congrats! hmm.. so envy with you about your wonderful weekend’s trip. But.. Salam aja ya buat Harry Potter dan Stratford ^_^

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