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Well, it’s just yet another grey day in Waterloo. I hope the sky will clear out tonight because I’m going to do some hardcore, night photography. Should be fun. And I’ll get to take advantage of my tripod. God knows I don’t use it enough. I don’t know why, though. I know I don’t really have the steadiest hands in the world. And my poor, 3MP point-and-shoot camera doesn’t come with an image stabiliser thingamajig. Oh well. At least I take some fairly decent photos with it. Though if you’d like to donate your DSLR to me, I wouldn’t turn it down.

Anyway, I don’t know why but people seem to favour, uh, alternative treatments of dead bodies these days. In Italy, a man ‘mummified’ the body of his 71-year-old mother when she died by stashing it in the bedroom wardrobe and sealing it with silicone gel. In France, a man put his dead parents in two deep-freeze caskets and kept them for years in the cellar of his chateau. In America, a woman who did not want to be buried was left to mummify in front of her television set in the upstairs of her home. In Canada, inspired by the “Body Worlds” exhibition at the Ontario Science Center, a woman donates her body for public display after she dies. See what I mean?

From the animal kingdom, rats were reported to have been turned into meatballs in Jakarta, Indonesia. It remained a rumour until a TV station aired a taped confession of a man admitting to using rat meat to make the balls. Um, eww? If you saw some photos of a one-eyed cat recently, they were not a hoax. However, Cy the one-eyed cat in Portland, Oregon only lived for one day. And no, you wouldn’t find the poor kitty’s corpse on eBay. In Sweden, a spider nested in a woman’s ear for 27 days before it was recovered and removed alive. I hope the spider didn’t lay eggs in her ear.

From the celebrity front, Paris Hilton successfully made it into the worst-dressed celebrity lists, both by Blackwell and PETA. Her parents would be so proud. Or not. At least she’s only at #6 on the Blackwell list. She was on top of the PETA list, though. Not that you care or anything.

I took the Inside the Actors Studio Personality Profile Game and found that I have the personality of Meg Ryan. And then I tried the Male version and I got Bruce Willis. Curious. I can’t imagine Bruce Willis having Meg Ryan’s personality and vice versa. (Link stolen from Dave.)

Milk Panic is a pretty silly game. What you need to do is milk the cows before they explode. Use the arrow keys to move around and the spacebar to milk the key and to empty the bucket. It might be silly but it’s not really the easiest game.

Now I’ve got to do the laundry. I hope the dryer is working.

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