Wedding Anniversary #1

Wedding Anniversary #1
Yesterday was our first wedding anniversary. We spent the day doing the laundry, playing team Cribbage games against Troy’s parents (in which they destroyed us), doing a little thrift store shopping (we finally got a chair for our porch!), having dinner in a fancy restaurant that served bastardised version of Indonesian food (the lobster martabak was really good), and having a romantic (?) walk around the Waterloo Park where we had our wedding ceremony last year. Oh, and I made a video to commemorate the event. Troy looks really cute in the video while I just look downright scary. Next year, the video will have sound. πŸ™‚
Troy is buying us a new, 19″ flat screen monitor as a wedding anniversary present to ourselves because our old, big ass monitor has been begging for retirement for awhile. We’re planning to buy it tonight. I’m pretty excited about it.
And Troy, me wub yew. πŸ™‚

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  1. Congrats ya!
    Ini Firda, perpus `93 UI bukan ya? pas aku liat fotonya, aku inget samar2. Salam kenal ya! (jepang `93 UI)

  2. I think, thing to late to be saying “happy ann for both of you.29 Mai it’s my special day too…

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