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Wednesday Morning Haiku

Yay! It’s the Hump Day!
Unless you get Friday off
Then you are ahead!

Easter long weekend usually ends up being the lamest long weekend ever, but I’ll still take it. It’s a whole extra day I get to spend with my amazing and funny husband! If there was a contest for the World’s Most Entertaining Husband, he’d be a great contender for the title. He is *that* amazing!

Anyway, today I’m planning on Not Feeling Depressed, Be Happy, and Get Things Done. We shall see how that plan works out. I’m really not the greatest at sticking to plans. BUT, I’ve got at least One Thing done today already! I found myself a WordPress plugin to end all my broken link woes due to permalink changes, and it works like a charm, so that’s that. It’s actually worthy of a celebration if you know how bad my broken link problem was, so feel free to celebrate on my behalf if you feel so inclined.

Now on with the rest of the plan!

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