This and That

Wednesday Morning Haiku

It’s one of those days
With lack of inspiration
It’s the Hump Day Blues

I think it might be time for some online retail therapy. My birthday is in less than a week so I guess I deserve a little something for myself. Maybe I’ll get myself some of my favourite merino yarn. Mmm, merino… So lovely yet so pricey. But I guess buying some would be okay for a special occasion. A little splurging won’t hurt. Give myself a $30 budget so I don’t go too crazy. Maybe $50?

I could also use some warm weather clothing for the summer (if it ever comes). I have a crapload of graphic tees in my wardrobe but I’ve started to feel like I’m too old to wear graphic tees. I’ll still wear t-shirts. Just not with crazy graphics on it. I’ve been loving stripes for the past year. I could get more of the stripey tees.

Oh, we shall see. Right now I just feel like hibernating until Sunday, when we’re going to Niagara Falls for my birthday.

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