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Wednesday Night Limerick

There once was a sad narwhal
Who really could use a pal
One day a unicorn
Noticed the narwhal’s horn
She became the narwhal’s gal.

I couldn’t think of anything to write a limerick about, but my brain told me, when feeling uninspired, just write about the narwhal and the unicorn, and that’s exactly what I did. If the limerick sounds dirty to you, it’s completely unintentional. Honest to goodness!

Anyway, I bought a box of fish sticks today for the Fish Fingers and Custard Day tomorrow. Now I just need to figure out how to make the custard to go with it and I’ll be good to go. It might sound gross, but some people who have tried this combo seem to really like it. But they could be lying. Who knows (no pun intended). You’ll find out whether I like it or not tomorrow.

By the way, I re-activated the Weblog Wannabe Facebook Page today, so if you want to Like it and get notified of new blog posts on your timeline, now you can! Yay!

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