This and That

Weekends Always Fly

Sunday Morning Haiku

Such a short weekend
Another sleepless weekend
Monday will be bad.

I only slept for 4 hours last night. I watched too much TV. I watched “West Wing”, followed by a murder flick with Rob Lowe again, followed by yet another murder flick with Andrew McCarthy, followed by “Party of Five”, in which I heard this song called “At My Most Beautiful” by R.E.M. [lyrics] [mp3] that I just had to download. I didn’t finish the download until half past three in the morning. By then I didn’t even feel sleepy anymore, but I managed to make myself fall asleep while listening to the beautiful song playing over and over again on WinAmp. It’s such a simple and gentle song. It reminds me a lot of myself, of how I always save the voicemails I got from you (that is, if you ever left me a voicemail at all) so I could listen to your voice when I’m having a bad day. It never fails to make me smile :)

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