We’re Living in a Fridge

Aaah, My Umbrella!

We came home from our trip to the Bruce Peninsula to a freezing apartment on Sunday. The indoor temperature was 15°C and that night the outdoor temperature fell down to 0°C. Troy called the evil landlord and asked him to turn on the central heating (the tenants have no access to it). It’s two days later now and there’s still no central heating. Our portable heater can’t really do much to keep the room warm. Most of the time, we just leave it on in the bedroom.

We’ve been sleeping under four layers of blankets since Sunday night. It feels like sleeping in a cocoon. Last night Troy said that he’d wake up a beautiful butterfly. Well, he just woke up and guess what? He’s still the good, old Troy. How disappointing.

Our apartment used to be the warmest apartment in the world because the heating system was wonky and would turn itself on even when it was crazy hot in the summer. We reported it to the landlord last summer because we were melting. The landlord did something to it and now we’re living in the coldest apartment in the world. Just one extremity after another. How very Canadian weather-ish.

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  1. Call up Waterloo Property Standards. Ask them what the minimum temperature is for an apartment, and then tell them how cold your place is and that the heat isn’t on. They’ll ask for contact info for your landlord and you’ll find it gets turned on fairly quickly thereafter. Hopefully they won’t have a nickname for him…

  2. Seriously, call them. I did when I was across the street and found out they had a nickname for my landlord there. That was distressing. Another awesome tale of property standards is when they examined the neighbour’s bathroom and sent a letter to my landlord to fix it, and he didn’t know the difference between 8 and 9 so he fixed our bathroom instead, and nearly got fined until I let him know that I wasn’t the one that called the city and he went back and read the letter again.

  3. Beka,
    Gue lagi inget sama elu Bek, iya bentar lagi Lebaran, besok gue udeh cuti, mudik deh 2 minggu, Met Lebaran ye 🙂 btw Gue suka baca blog lu. Kapan balik ke pondok betung?

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