West Java Tsunami

Dozens dead in Indonesian tsunami following a 7.2 magnitude earthquake off the coast of West Java. The tremors were felt in Indonesia’s capital Jakarta for more than one minute. Not again. :(

5 thoughts on “West Java Tsunami

  1. saya dengar tsunami ini terjadi di pantai selatan yang garis pantainya cukup curam. dimana lebih “safe” dibandingkan jika terjadi di tempat lain. semoga bantuan bisa cepat diarahkan ke tempat yang ditimpa bencana secepatnya.

  2. Oh God, what would be next after this. Our tears have not even finished for previous disasters. I can only pray so the victims are given strength in their heart and realise that this is trial from the Great Creator.

  3. It’s getting closer. My family lives in the north coast. The tsunami happened in the south coast. They could feel the tremor in the north coast when the tsunami-causing earthquake happened.

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