What A Week!

Just before the ice storm hits.

Since the last time I posted, I experienced my very first severe Canadian ice storm (yes, in frickin’ April!), bombs exploded during the Boston Marathon killing 3, bombs exploded in Baghdad killing a lot more than in Boston, major earthquakes happened in Iran, fertilizer plant exploded in West, Texas and practically flattened the whole town, and overnight the Boston marathon bombing suspects were found, one of them killed in a firefight, the other one was still on the run as of this writing. Seriously, what the hell?!?

It’s a good thing that human being is so resilient. I just wish that those with the need to kill and destroy would simply get a hobby when they get bored or get tired of life. A harmless one, that is. Like crocheting, or cooking, or kickboxing. Seriously.

I say seriously a lot, don’t I?

I guess of all the things I mentioned in the first paragraph, I only have the good authority to write about the ice storm because I experienced it first hand. It wasn’t all that exciting to start with, unless you find having a power outage for 10 hours in a cold weather exciting. The power outage was mostly caused by ice-laden tree branches blown by high wind for an extended amount of time which then broke and fell on the hydro lines. When we went for a walk around the neighbourhood a couple of days ago, there were still plenty of broken tree branches on people’s yards and even on the sidewalk. We also saw a couple of broken hydro poles on the way out of town. I guess we were lucky to only lose power for 10 hours. Some people had no hydro up until Monday (the ice storm happened from Thursday night to Friday afternoon).

In other news, our trip to Iceland is officially only weeks away! Yay! The tripod I bought from Korea last week still hasn’t left Korea! Boo! I couldn’t find my GoPro camera but then my lovely husband, the King of Lost & Found, found it for me! Yay! I think I might have caught a cold! Boo! But then again, it might be just the rollercoaster of a weather we’ve been having that makes me feel like crap. 24 degrees above zero yesterday, 2 degrees below zero tomorrow. My body is so confuuuuused!

I’m really not sure whether to pack for winter or spring weather. Though puffin sightings have been reported (sure sign of spring, they say), it doesn’t look like spring has completely arrived throughout Iceland, and especially not in the Northern Iceland. I’m so glad that I decided against going to Iceland in April. Hopefully between now and they day we hop on the plane that’s going to take us to Iceland, spring will arrive. Like, for real.

I just listened to the weather forecast reading on the Icelandic Met Office website and it made me giggle. At first I thought it was in Icelandic but then realized it was in English. The guy who read it really didn’t think much of punctuations. 🙂

I shall end this post with my favourite song from my new favourite Icelandic band, Of Monsters and Men. Enjoy!

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