Winter is Back!


Winter came back with full force this past Saturday in spite of what some groundhogs said about winter being over soon. Of course this past Saturday had to be the day we were scheduled to meet up with my brother- and sister-in-law in Toronto to see the Bodyworlds exhibition at the Ontario Science Centre.

The drive up to Toronto wasn’t so bad, actually. It was the drive back to Waterloo that was a hair-raising experience. The closer we got to Waterloo, the slower we had to drive because the road condition was getting worse and the weather wasn’t getting much better. I had to hold on to the “holy crap handle” (it’s that handle usually located right above the car door) every now and then, which I always try not to do in normal situations because I know a certain individual would take offense. :P

Anyway, the Ontario Science Centre was a lot of fun. I got to play with a keyboard (musical, not computer) and some Indonesian musical instruments, among others. We also got to practice our karate chops and balancing skills. I took a lot of pictures, but sadly, most of them turned out blurry due to the low light, and God knows I hate using the flash.

The Bodyworld exhibition was pretty impressive albeit crowded, with a lot of male bodies and very few female bodies. And when I said bodies, I mean REAL human bodies, only plasticised. There were also some human embryos in jars and the bodies of some mammals such as camels and a colt. It’s really not as gory as it may sound. There were a lot of kids coming to the exhibition and they didn’t look scared or anything. It’s definitely no CSI. :) You should check it out if you get the chance. If you’re going to the exhibition at the Ontario Science Centre, be sure to wear a t-shirt under your coat instead of a sweater because it’s so damn warm in there! Would be better if it was a Superman t-shirt. Troy wore one and he got a security lady shaking his hand like he was the real Superman. Heh.

5 thoughts on “Winter is Back!

  1. i managed to catch bodyworlds exhibition when they were in singapore a few years back. good stuff! :)

  2. Snow is pretty. Walking to work across open fields with wind whipping said snow in your face is not. I need more buildings in the UW Research & Tech Park.
    But yeah, Saturday night snow = <3

  3. = the smiley composed by a “less than” sign next to the number three.
    HTML parsing is teh suck.

  4. That’s too bad you’re getting a cold chill. Here in Calgary we’ve hardly gotten any snow at all. It was a very very brown Christmas.

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