Wonderfully Random

— It’s starting to feel like Canada again, now that the temperature has gone down to the high 20s (Celsius degree).
— I seem to handle hot weather worse than Canadians, who are used to cold weather.
— If Canadians did live in igloos, they’d all be homeless by now.
— We went to Toronto on Saturday, only to realise that we’d missed watching the Toronto’s World Naked Bike Ride event.
— We made it to SMooSH and Loba‘s fun housewarming BBQ party without getting lost (much).
— We brought in our own beef steaks to be BBQ-ed.
— We marinated the steak in a mix of Pepsi, orange juice, black pepper, salt, BBQ sauce, garlic powder, and Maggi seasoning without having the slightest idea what it would taste like.
— The steak turned up to be the best-tasting steak I ever had.
— Housewarming parties make me want to move to a new place. I wouldn’t mind moving to Stratford, where Troy works.
— The Skydome looks ugly with the red Rogers Centre signs on it.
— The CN Tower doesn’t look very glamorous at night.
— Toronto has the biggest raccoons.
— Homeless people make me sad.
— Little kids like Troy, and so do dogs of all breed.
— In Tegan and Sara‘s song “I Know I Know I Know”, there’s a line that says “I know I know I know what else are we here for” but I keep hearing it as “I know I know I know solitary hippo”.
— I wish there was really a song with “solitary hippo” in it.
— We watched three episodes of Scrubs on DVD yesterday. Now I’m in love with the show.
— We have a shiny new balcony. We’re going to put a couple of chairs there and hang some flower boxes all over the railings.
— I want to plant the flowers from scratch because it seems to be so much more fun.
— I wouldn’t know what to do with the flower boxes in winter.
— That is all.

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  1. Yup, I’ve seen Grey’s Anatomy. It’s a good show. And they play Tegan and Sara songs a lot in the show!

  2. Ooooh… if you like “Scrubs,” have you seen “Grey’s Anatomy?” It’s half-way in-between Scrubs and ER.

  3. I still can’t believe how sweaty I was Saturday night, I’ve had heat rashes all week. It’s not pretty!
    Thanks for coming and for the great house warming gifts! Matt couldn’t stop singing Kip’s wedding song!
    I like Teagan and Sara a lot. One song I can’t stop listening too is “You wouldn’t like me”.

  4. Stradford is a very beautiful town. I don’t know if I could live there though. Maybe vacation there… a lot.
    i had a puzzled look on my face when I saw Pepsi as an ingredient for the marinade, but then I realized I use Coke to cook ham in.

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