I was procrastinating from finishing up my site redesign when I came across Zooomr, a photo sharing site, which is kind of like Flickr (it does have a similar interface) but with several added features. I had to sign up because I do need a place to store my photos. You see, the next incarnation of my blog will be a hybrid of a photoblog, a journal, and a linklog. I’m already short of webspace as it is so storing photos on my own server is out of question. Flickr doesn’t really encourage you to use it as a storage so I thought Zooomr would be perfect for the job. In addition, they’re currently giving away free pro accounts! Here’s hoping that Zooomr will keep getting better with time instead of start sucking and eventually die.
Now back to redesigning.

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  1. Hey Firda, thanks for blogging a photo with Zooomr and welcome to the site. Feel free to let me know if there are ways that you think we can improve or features that you’d like to see in the future.

  2. i can get the blog to work but nothing else at the domain – whats up with that?
    also the image in your post from zoomr and all the ones hosted by zoomr on their blog will not load for me. i don get it…how can i try it out if it doesnt work! DENIED!
    i mainly use IE but i checked it in firefox as well and i got nada!

  3. Actually we love Australians.
    Not sure why it is not working for you rebecca. Feel free to ping me at tom(at)thomashawk.com if you still can’t get into the site.

  4. well i was able to sign up the other day at work but our work machines all access the net via a connection through our US office so i think it was a glitch with my isp but it seems to work now. HURRAH! now if only the thing to make it so my name isnt some dorky number would work i would be happy…THEN i need to pic some piccies to upload – maybe some old convention pics that i dont have on flickr already…decisions decisions….

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