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Monday Night Limerick

There was once a unicorn
Who’d eat anything but corn
He would eat rice and bread
Tomatoes, green and red
But never corn, he had sworn

I was going to write a limerick about the series finale of How I Met Your Mother, or at least about one of the characters from the show, but I didn’t want to spoil it for every one who hasn’t seen it. I think it was a pretty good series finale. I’d tell you why but that’d be a spoiler.

In other news, I might add a daily video into the mix of the daily updates in this here blog. I can’t guarantee that the videos will be of interest to you since I can’t tell if we have similar taste/sense of humour, but I hope you’ll find them at least a tiny bit entertaining.

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How to Knit Like An Icelandic Man

Found this video while searching for videos of Iceland on Vimeo. Being a long-time crocheter and a new knitter as well as a fan of Iceland, this video made me grin from ear to ear. He’s not really knitting, though. He’s doing Tunisian crochet. And yes, I do that, too!

Addendum: Been seeing a lot of hits to this post. Where did you come from, lovely folks? :-) Please do tell! Curious mind wants to know!

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Monday Morning Haiku

Back to WordPress
Blogger was causing headaches,
Too many issues

I have a couple other sites on this domain and having the main site hosted at Blogger made all those other sites inaccessible and setting up redirections was a nightmare because I had practically zero access to the .htaccess file. I like having total control of my websites. Hence the return to WordPress. So I’m a control freak. At least I can admit it.

But don’t you worry. I’ll still subject you to a daily dose of crappy haiku and a nightly dose of crappy limerick no matter which content publishing system I’m using because that’s what Weblog Wannabe is all about these days. Pseudo-poetry is better than no content at all, don’t you think?

Addendum: Need to find a better WordPress theme for the blog. Suggestions?

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Friday Night Limerick

Will Graham in his little cell
Stuck in his personal hell
Framed by one Hannibal
Who is a cannibal
He can no longer stand his smell

I hope that’s not too much of a spoiler for those who are behind in their Hannibal-viewing or planning on watching this show at a later time.

I don’t know why I keep watching Hannibal when it tends to give me nightmares. I guess I just can’t not watch a Bryan Fuller show. I love all the shows he ever created, at least since Wonderfalls. His Pushing Daisies is one of my most favourite TV shows of all time. I was so sad when it got cancelled.

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Game of Thrones Filming Locations in Magical North Iceland

We did a tour of Game of Thrones filming locations in North Iceland by accident. We didn’t realise that the places we were visiting were some of the spots where they filmed the episodes located Beyond the Wall in the Season 3 of Game of Thrones. Only found out about it once we were back from Iceland.

There are a few tour companies that offer the Game of Thrones guided tour in North Iceland for a fee, but if you wish to do a self-drive/self-guided tour, all you have to do is pick up a copy of the Lake Myvatn attractions brochure from the visitor centre or the front desk of your hotel and visit the major attractions listed there. You’ll find yourself in most of the Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall filming locations!
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Friday Morning Haiku

I dreamed of Iceland
A waterfall in West Fjords
Next to a staircase

I must’ve been cursed by the Icelandic elves when I was in Iceland, which would explain my constant longing and yearning for the country. It’s a bit like being in love with an unattainable person who doesn’t even know that you exist. You know, like a celebrity.

But then again, Iceland IS a celebrity and I’m just one of its gazillion adoring fans who are lucky enough to have been to one of its live shows.