Current Status: Alive

This post is for those of you who are wondering whether or not I am still alive. As you can see, as of this writing, I am still alive and typing, but not necessarily blogging. During my absence from your life, I have:

  1. been having coughing fits;
  2. locked myself in my room for two nights due to some unfortunate family situation;
  3. played a lot with my nephew;
  4. received two CDs from Chris in California and two books from Ian in Scotland off my Amazon wishlist (thanks a lot, guys!);
  5. watched more TV than usual;
  6. been having mood swings, as usual;
  7. been dreading my birthday, which is coming up in 5 days;
  8. got the best (early) birthday present ever from my aunt and uncle in England (whom I’m going to visit in May): a return ticket to Canada!

For the time being, my life is a little bit of everything, which is nice for a change because usually my life can be summed up in one word: depressing. But right now, as long as I’m focusing my thoughts on my upcoming trip to England and Canada, I’m happy as I can be.

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