When Mosquitoes Attack

I had my first encounter with Canadian mosquitoes a couple of days ago when we were walking on a trail along the river that was leading to St. Jacobs. Apparently, Canadian mosquitoes are greenish (unless my eyes were playing tricks on me) and they attack you in big groups. They don’t play one-on-one, for sure. Their bites would feel itchy but won’t give you bumps. Now Indonesian mosquitoes are black and they attack individually. Their bites are really itchy and will leave you with tiny bumps that will usually disappear the next day.

Anyway, the mosquito attack (ambush?) forced us to turn direction back to Troy’s car. Instead of walking the trail to St. Jacobs, we went there by car instead, which was fine by me. :) Once we got to St. Jacobs, we took a walk around the town (village?) for a bit and then we had ice-cream. Mmmm, ice-cream! We ate the ice-cream while sitting by the murky river, watching the wild animals doing, uh, whatever they were doing.

None of the mosquitoes that bit us was a carrier of the West Nile virus, thankfully. At least I think so. Hrm. Now I wonder how long the incubation period for the West Nile virus is. Let’s see… Usually 3 to 14 days. I guess we’re not safe yet. Oh well.

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