Blogging Under Pressure

Branch and Twigs

I didn’t get the cold. As usual, an Advil, a Strepsil and a good night’s sleep fixed it. I’m really thankful for my immune system.

I’ve been browsing property listings obsessively. The last time I did that, we ended up buying a house in another town. Not sure if it’ll come to anything this time around.

I’ve been finding it hard to blog. Blogging used to be easy when I knew that only strangers read this crap. Now I’m always worried I’d offend anyone I know if I spoke my mind.

Sometimes I wish there were a million other Firda Bekas in the world instead of just me, the one and only.

3 thoughts on “Blogging Under Pressure

  1. I know exactly what you mean about it being harder to blog when you know the people reading what you write.
    I don’t so much worry about offending anyone – but there are things that I would like to blog about that I just don’t want to share with certain people.
    It *is* easier to write for strangers :)

  2. you shouldn’t care… writers shouldn’t ever care. This is your haven for your mind. When they don’t like what they read, they don’t have to read it.
    Once I followed someone’s blog religiously, then she started to write remarkable things about herself, which is okay I guess… but considering I do not like people who is overly vain I quit reading her blog. But, fact is, there are probably thousands still following her. She should never care that I no longer there, no writer can please everybody. It is not possible.

  3. It’s a funny one, innit? I do the same thing – mostly cos I started the blog to keep in touch with my family back in Canada. I *do* self-censor quite a bit. A friend works on ‘life-writing’ and a Canadian research grant employed a writer to keep a diary – there was a fascinating entry in which she admitted to looking for something interesting in order to have something to write about. Wonderful stuff. I love reading your blog, Firda. Though I’ll admit I’m now curious about what you *wouldn’t* blog about! :)

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