Yesterday, it was a beautiful, sunny, t-shirt kind of day. Today, it’s back to the grey, one-digit-temperature kind of day. I guess the change is a bit too much for my body because I’m not feeling too great right now. I hope this won’t turn into a full-blown cold.

We went thrifting yesterday and I went all girly-like and picked up two blouses, one hooded cardigan and a pair of shoes. I get a kick out of hearing nice comments about what I’m wearing and I’m always proud to say I got it from a thrift store. Salvation Army chic doesn’t have to mean bag lady-look. ;) Mind you, I’m far from being trendy. I don’t even wear make-up. But I like feeling good about what I’m wearing. Though admittedly most of the time I care more about comfort than fashion. As long as it’s comfy, I don’t care if it makes me look fat.

Ugh, too headachey to write more.

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