Somewhere Out There

Bridge Over the Avon

You know what? I think we’re really spoiled living where we are. We have a beautiful downtown area, awesome Shakespeare Festival (and no, they don’t perform Shakespeare’s plays only), a grocery store across the street, free access to a heated, indoor swimming pool… When we finally move out of this town (not sure when it will happen), I know I’m going to miss those things. What am I not going to miss? The winter! This town always gets a boatload of snow in the winter, which means a lot of shoveling. I like snow, but not in excessive amount. Tourists seem to think this town is heaven, but that’s because they never experienced winter here. Still, we’re lucky to live on one of the main streets. The city plow our street early and even plow the sidewalk as well sometimes, and when they don’t do the sidewalk, one of the neighbours will.

This town is not a bad place to live in, but why do I feel like my heart belongs somewhere else?

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