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We had our home energy audit done today. According to the auditor, our house isn’t bad for a house this old (90 years old) but the basement really needs to be insulated because it’s a major heat leak. No wonder the main floor is always so cold in the autumn and winter. We have 18 months to do something about it in order to qualify for the government rebates/grants. We’re procrastinators so we’ll see. 😉

The Fall version of the ‘Roid Week began today. Troy helped me hack a Polaroid Land Automatic 100 camera we bought ages ago last night because I wanted to use it during the ‘Roid Week. The hack was to make the camera take 3 AAA batteries instead of some obscure and obsolete battery that I don’t think is available anywhere in Canada. We followed the instructions found here but not really to a tee since we couldn’t find the 4xAAA battery holder and had to use two 2xAAA holders instead but eh, it works. It helps to have an engineer in the household. It took awhile for me to get the hang of the camera, but I think I have now. In fact, I just bought more film for it off eBay. Oh to be a film junkie!

While others seem to have recurring dreams about being in love with, say, celebrities, I have recurring dreams about being in love with my own husband. It’s weird, as in “well duh!” weird.

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  1. I’m thinking of starting a company where people can hire engineers to come round to their house to fix stuff and solve problems, because I’m not sure how I’d live without one now…!

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